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Before you invest in one of our systems, you naturally want to make sure that it is exactly what you need:

  • We carry out first tests with your product for you
  • We invite you to conduct your own tests with us
  • You can test one of our Rental Units at your premises, within your own production process


  • Excirad 172 with 200, 600, 1200, 2320 mm working width (to rent)
  • Inerting UV-Hg 600 mm lamp (to rent)
  • Transport system 600 mm for Excimer and Inerted UV (to rent)
  • Band transport system (max 400 m/min)
  • Hymmen Roll Coater

 Technique of analyse:

  • ATR infrared spectroscopy
  • IGT C1 Printability tester
  • RT-FK (Realtime Folding Kinetiks)
  • UV Dosimetry
  • Gloss degree
  • Color density
  • White light interferometry
  • Contact angle measurement
  • MINI Martindale
  • XPS (IOM)

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