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The best solution for filament free ion beam processing on large scale!

Key Design Features

  • Filament-free source operation based on a simple, compact microwave power coupling
  • Permanent magnets for use of the Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR)
  • Functional ceramics for easy and quick maintenance
  • Special grid insulation and adjustment system



  • Fully noble gas, and oxygen; restricted for reactive gases
  • Grid systems from different shapes and materials for optimum process adaptation
  • Minimum maintenance and long lifetime, maintenance cycles over 300 h
  • Mechanical adjustment system by universal joint (10 grd in each direction)



Technical Specifications


EC/A 125

EC/F 125


Flange mounted adjustable ECR ion source with multi-aperture extraction grids

Flange mounted ECR ion source with multi-aperture extraction grids

Source materials:

Discharge lining: Al2O3


Grids: Graphite or Molybdenum


Vacuum separation of the microwave antenna: SiO2 cup


Permanent magnets: NdFeB


Housing: Stainless steel


Magnetic shield: Ni coated steel

Grid types:

2 or 3 grid system


2 standard systems with different focusing length


Insertion depth: 280 mm (without PBN) Diameter: 220 mm (without PBN)

Insertion depth: 135 mm (without PBN) Diameter: 220 mm (without PBN)


~14.5 kg

~11.5 kg


DN 250

DN 200

Microwave power:

~125 to 400 W at 2.45 GHz

Ion current:

Maximum 180 mA (Dependent on grid type and operation condition)

Ion energy:

~100 to 2000 eV

Accelerator voltage:

0 to –1000 V

Process gases:

Noble gases, N2 (No restrictions)

O2,and Halogen containing gases (Grid lifetime reduced)

Gas flow :

5 to 20 sccm, Fitting: 1/8” Swagelock

Cooling water:

1.5 l/min, Fitting: 6 mm Swagelock

 Electron Cyclotron Resonance Broad Beam Ion Sources



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