Plasma and Ion Beam Technology


IOT offers

  • custom designed solutions specific of specific plasma and ion beam systems for thin-film and surface technology applications.


and as special feature

  • plasma systems for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) also in combination with sputter sources for simultaneous layer deposition (PIIID)


Plasma and Ion Beam Technology iot


We not only manufacture plasma equipment but also assist our customers, from preliminary tests and experiments in IOT’s own facilities to process development and optimization.

The IOT customers benefit from the opportunities of extensive preliminary tests and a customized process development in existing plasma and ion beam systems in IOT’s own development laboratory in Leipzig.


  • plasma units with a volume from 500 to 1500 l
  • turbo molecular pumps coupled to rotary vane or roots pumps
  • filament-free plasma sources (ECR or HF)
  • Customer-customized control (manual; SPS with LabVIEW and PC interface via keybord and mouse, data logging, programmable recipe control, SIEMENS S7 with touch display panel)



IOT – Plasma and Ion Beam Technology



Since more than 10 years the IOT GmbH develops customized plasma and ion beam equipment for thin film and surface technologies. A special equipment is the system for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII, PIIID).

IOT GmbH manufactures turn-key projects, including a process development, and can also supply individual modules, such as plasma and ion beam sources.

IOT GmbH operatess a PIIID system and a vacuum system with various ion beam sources in its own Research & Development laboratory in Leipzig. Customers are welcome there to perform tests and experiments with IOT. The ion beam sources can be rented just for a serie of test.



First, the volume of the stainless steel container is evacuated, then a special process gas is introduced, in highly diluted pressure (about 10 000 times less than the normal air pressure). A low-pressure plasma is ignited by energy input from a plasma source, which is obtained by selective heating of the electrons.


IOT GmbH has plasma sources with: 

  • microwave excitation utilizing the Electron Cyclotron Resonance effect (ECR)
  • excitation in a High Frequency field at 13.56 MHz (High Frequency excitation)
  • excitation of electrons from a hot cathode in a DC field (DC excitation)


Ion beam sources are nothing more than low-pressure plasmas in a separate galvanically decoupled discharge chamber which is closed at one end with a semi-transparent ion optics. By applying additional electrical potential, the ions are extracted from the plasma of the discharge chamber and selectively accelerated.


Service and equipment let for rent 

The IOT GmbH is providing following services: process technology development, manufacturing of small series, contract work using pilot plasma units and leasing of plasma and ion beam sources

  • PIIID system type ISA: volume 500 l, several process channels, pump power 1000 l/s, plasma treatment and plasma immersion ion implantation up to 22 kV, also in combination with a 3″ sputter magnetron in DC or pulsed DC mode as PIIID system
  • ion beam test facility: volume 850 l, several process channels, pump power 2000 l/s, available for plasma treatment and ion beam operation
  • plasma source type ECR/F150, ion beam source RF/I40 an linear ion beam source ECL 600



Plasma treatment of smaller- and larger-scale substrates, plasma cleaning, plasma activation, plasma immersion ion implanation (PIII), plasma immersion ion implanation deposition (PIIID), ion beam etching (IBE;IBF), reactive ion beam etching (RIBE, CAIBE), ion beam sputtering



Further services 

  • engineering and construction
  • leasing of devices
  • customized process development and optimization
  • manufacturing of small series
  • contract production



IOT – Plasma and Ion Beam Technology



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