UV - Systems

UV-Systems N2-Inerting Excimer UV - Laboratory inert iot


Since more than 15 years IOT GmbH develops and sells successfully UV systems (optionally with Excimer) with nitrogen inerting system.  We are the leading company in the field of customized inerting installations! IOT GmbH has sold more than 150 inerting systems worldwide.  Based on many years of experience in engineering and in research and development, our systems offer a high technological standard.  We undertake the complete design and manufacture of the UV system or upgrade existing UV systems on customer demand (retrofit).

UV-Systems N2-Inerting Excimer UV - Laboratory inert iot


With Excirad 172 a completely new generation of VUV sources becomes available for surface curing and matting of UV-polymerizable materials.

UV-Systems N2-Inerting Excimer UV - Laboratory inert iot

UV - Laboratory

With our laboratory equipment it is possible to coat products up to a width of 600 mm with varnish (eg paper, plastic films, wood, laminate, metal, concrete, etc …) and then with our systems (UV-Hg lamp, excimer , UVC lamp). The optimum residual oxygen content of the chamber can be set to the desired process (10-5000ppm).

UV-Systems N2-Inerting Excimer UV - Laboratory inert iot

Inert UV and Excimer Rental Products

In order to test our products within your production environment and to familiarize yourself with the system, we offer an assortment of different Rental units with inert chamber :

Our Service

IOT-GmbH offers you a full service, from the first preliminaries until the production:


  • Conception and planning of the Excirad lamp unit according to the customer’s wishes and requirements.
  • Design and manufacture of customer-specific irradiation chambers with excimer lamps. Including on request conveyor belt and Nitrogen Inerted UV Curing Systems.
  • With the help of our design department to incorporate the system into an existing irradiation device is almost always without any problems. With the help of our design department, we can almost always easily incorporate our system into an existing irradiation device.
  • Non-binding test of the entire system in advance of the realization in our own UV Laboratory. There, we test and optimize the interaction of the coating formulation, substrate, Excirad lamp and UV dryer with the materials of the customer.
  • Rental of excimer systems for testing under production conditions.



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