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Nitrogen Inerted UV Curing Systems

Since more than 15 years IOT GmbH develops and sells successfully UV systems (optionally with Excimer) with nitrogen inerting system.  We are the leading company in the field of customized inerting installations! IOT GmbH has sold more than 150 inerting systems worldwide.  Based on many years of experience in engineering and in research and development, our systems offer a high technological standard.  We undertake the complete design and manufacture of the UV system or upgrade existing UV systems on customer demand (retrofit).

With our systems residual oxygen values ​​of less than 30 ppm can be achieved at production speeds of up to 450m/min.



  • Printing and coating industries, for example for:
    • Flexo, screen- and offset printing.
    • Packaging materials, also for food.
    • Furniture films
    • Labels
    • Floor laminates
    • Facade elements
  • Siliconization applications
  • Inerting from Excimer– and UV lamps as well as EBH (Electro Beam Hardening) systems

Our Offer

  • Construction of N2 inerting systems for all types of UV-radiation equipment for laboratory and production, roll-to-roll processes in straight run and on chill rolls.
  • New construction and retrofitting of all lamp systems (eg PrintConcept, UV-Meyer, IST, GEW).
  • The width of the inerting chamber may vary between150 mm and 2500 mm.
  • Speeds are possible up to 450 m / min with residual oxygen contents below 50 ppm
  • For special applications, such as siliconizing, residual levels of oxygen of much less than 50 ppm can be achieved.
  • Integration of the IOT technology into existing systems.

Advantages of IOT inertings:

  • Compact chamber construction
    •  Implementation of the chamber possible in almost any system
  •  Automatic regulation of nitrogen supply
    • constant optimization of the nitrogen consumption while the system is running
    • In-line monitoring of the oxygen amount by oxygen analyzer
  • CFD optimized nitrogen nozzles
    • allows efficient nitrogen supply with a small consumption.
  • Simple system operation and monitoring via touchpad
    • additional integration of the IOT technology into existing systems
  • Slide-In removable frame technology.
    • allows quick replacement or cleaning of the quartz window without tools.
  • Labyrinth technology as a flow barrier
    • Contact-free entry and exit of the material

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