Silanization of Corundum

Silanization of corundum is used to significantly improve scratch resistance and transparency of melamine resin coatings for laminate floorings and parquet. Microparticles from corundum or other mineral powders are coated in an industrial process with extremely thin polysiloxane layers:

  • The transparency of the coating materials is greatly increased.
  • It prevents the corundum particles from agglomerate in the liquid coating.
  • High production speeds, industrial process.
  • The corundum particles are better integrated in the coating matrix through organophilization.


Our Offer:

  • Silanized Corundum (Grain size FEPA-F150 up to F320)
  • Silanization work with customer material (treatment capacity of 300 tonnes per month)
  • Development of specially adapted formulations for your product.
  • Packaging sizes of:
    • 25kg Paper bag
    • 500kg or 1t BigBag



Corundum is with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale the second hardest mineral after diamond (10).  Chemically it is Aluminium oxide (Al2O3).  Corundum crystals with other atoms are called rubies or sapphires.  When the corundum is pure, it is transparents and colorless.  When some additives are used with the transparent coating (paint, varnish, melamine resins,etc.), and because of the high refractive index (n=1,8), the coating becomes cloudy.  Each courundum grain is coated with a silane layer, so that the refractive index is matched to the coating so that the corundum becomes “invisible”. This technique allows the production of extremely resistant transparent surface coatings.



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